Vikum bandara

Date of birth – 1982 at balangoda , sri lanka

At present as Art Teacher  Hameed Al Husseini College , Colombo 12

BVA Special ( Painting ) University of Visual & performing arts, Albert crescent , Colombo , Sri lanka

Solo exhibition
2018. Bliss of the soul , paradise road gallery cafe, colombo 3
2017. Soul , paradise road gallery cafe,colombo 3

“I express my own feeling very freely by creating  amazing colours and shapes on the canvas. You can out contemporary feelings of modern man thought my art works. Although I work very freely on the canvas. I carefully handle my colours and shapes to achier rational outlook. When i was working with my painting I can’t stop drawing. My private opinion is I can make more rational,sophisticated refine painting on a canvas by working very freely with current emotions and feelings. I am familiar with that method and i can make more powerful expressions with that techniques and artistic knowledge my paintings grabs various social economic and cultural cues. So eventually , i make very powerful depiction of contemporary social atmosphere by always working together with it.”