Vajira Gunawardena

VAJIRA GUNAWARDENA (Born 1971), is a SRI LANKAN awards winner painter
who has been received a BFA degree at the state art school in Colombo. He has got more than twenty years working experiences in his realm. He has held
numerous solo and Group exhibitions in local and internationally also was
selected to the numerous international artist camp and workshop. His works has much privet and co-operate collections worldwide in NETHERLANDS, UNITED KINGDOM, SWITZERLAND, ITALY, AUSTRIA, FRANCE, SPAIN, USA, SINGAPORE, AUSTRALIA, HOLLAND, IRELAND, MALAYSIA, INDIA, CHINA, MALDIVES, VIETNAM,
BELGIUM and GERMANY. However he has been done his major work includes a
large canvas painting (200 cm x 2145 cm) at the Chaaya Tranz Hotel in Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka. (Seen on web:

Vajira’s highly textural paintings have a sociological, sensuous, critical quality
which evocatively capture the vibrancy and reflect on the development of
Colombo in high-key, slightly blended palettes. He works in a range of styles to
create large format, figurative semi abstract paintings. His artwork is expressing himself; according to some within the outsider movement … while some say neoexpressionism with a cartoon influence.