Susil Senanayake

2008 BFA (Hons)  Specialization in painting, University of the Visual and Performing Art, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Solo Exhibitions
2018 Lake Diyawannawa, Paradise Road Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka
2016 Lake Diyawannawa, Paradise Road Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka
2013 Exhibition of New work, Paradise Road Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Born in 1979,Susil senanayake holds BFA(hons)(specialization in painting)from the University of Visual and Performing Arts, Colombo,Srilanka. His childhood was spent in his village near Kegalle,Sri lanka where the natural scenic beauty of the land played a crucial role in his development. Susil explains how the vision, visual shapes, and colours are most influential in his work and what he hopes for the future of Sri Lankan Art.

His resources are both natural and manmade landscape. Most of them are townscapes. So, his  contribution is the revelation of the abstract aesthetic values, which are available within own surroundings The techniques of using mix media, acrylic and paper to achieve texture and three dimensional effects.

His one of influential painter is ‘’Georgio Morandi’’(1890-1964). Susil said like   ’Georgio Morandi’ said ‘’nothing was more abstract than reality’’. Similarly his objective is to show the abstraction that nature conceals. Extracting the essence in reality is vital to his abstract work. He sees his own shapes   and compositions there.
Also  he  says ‘’Availability of the Internet has played a vital role in the visual impact of contemporary artists. millions of different styles and concepts overflow the artist’s world daily.