Senaka Senanayake

Born in Sri Lanka in 1951, Senaka Senanayake is now one of the most celebrated South Asian painters. At just eight years old, Senanayake had his first solo exhibition at the National Art Gallery, and his career flourished from there. After graduating from Yale University in 1972, Senanayake returned to Sri Lanka to continue painting and has since had over 100 solo exhibitions all over the world. His works hang in prominent places such as the White House and the UN building in New York. Anchored in Buddhist thought, Senanayake’s art focuses on the flora and fauna of Sri Lanka; and more recently, he has used his art as a tool for environmental advocacy. Senanayake’s works possess a dream-like and almost surrealist quality conveyed through the bright, contrasting colors and exaggerated lines. His unique painting style has helped him earn many awards, such as, One of Ten Most Outstanding Young Persons of the World and most recently, the Award of Excellence in 2018.