Seevali Illangasinghe

Seevali Illangasinghe was born in Kekirawa on 11 January, 1945. He trained under Somabandu Vidyapathi but is mainly self-taught. Seevali had his first exhibition at the Lionel Wendt Art Gallery in 1971 and has had several exhibitions since then, including exhibitions at the Lionel Wendt in 1988, George Keyt Exhibition in Colombo in 1991, the National Art Gallery in 1993
and 2002, Merging One Gallery in New York in 1994, and at the Felix Gallery in Colombo in 2004. He has also exhibited in France, Italy, and Switzerland. His work is represented in a number of exhibitions including the Presidential Collection of Contemporary Art, The National Gallery, Sapumal Foundation, and the Central Bank.