Sanjaya Senavirathna


SANJAYA Senavirathna, who has conducted a number of solo and group art exhibitions in Sri Lanka as well as abroad, is presenting the theme of love in its many forms.

He questions as to how one could describe love, apart from saying that it is something felt. As an artist, he finds that it is a complete expression of passion and positivity. A gentle smile spread on his face as he spoke and his soft, kind eyes spoke volumes – much like his paintings. Sanjaya is driven to express what he sees and feels. In ‘The Nature of Love’, his works are translated into different forms, shapes and colours.

He describes his love for a work of art as an intimate affair and he desires to own it as his work, so he could touch it and move it around as his own creation. In Sanjaya’s view, abstract art is an abstraction – something that does not represent anything. It is non- objective. Instead of depicting what can be seen in the world of objects, people and nature, abstract art is concerned with colour, line, form and texture. It is not based on reality but on emotions. It is expressive and gestural.

His medium is mainly acrylic. He enjoys painting in the outdoors in the serenity of nature and in silence; and there is no uncertainty about what inspires Sanjaya to paint. He utilises a range of colours, methods and emotions leading to that one ecstatic feeling in his mind, which is love. “When I think of love, my imagination takes flight in colour,” he says.