Pramith Geekiyanage

Born in 1978 in Chilaw, sri lanka.
Mobil 0714176555

2019 MFA , University of kelaniya
2008  BFA (Design special), University of Visual and Performing Arts, Colombo, Sri Lanka

The void at the center of Being

“My interest in art – as well as my artistic interest – has been drawn, more and more, towards the fundamental questions of reality, the interplay between the appearance and reality. Admittedly, this is markedly different from the prevalent interest in socio-political issues of race, ethnicity and gender, addressed in much of contemporary art. Without taking away the importance and necessity of such endeavors, I feel that it is equally important today to revisit the roots and the fundamental questions of the visual as such. This is why my interest has been focused on the dialectical interplay between repetition and contingency. It is not difficult to observe that the world around us is filled with patterns that repeat themselves, as if there is a necessary law of nature creating a universe with symmetrical distributions. Everything, it seems, has a pattern, a system that regulates its repetitive nature. Indeed, we can say, this is the very essence of nature – it goes through its cycles, and comes back to the original starting point, only to begin again. On the other hand, it is equally evident that the cause of this repetitive nature is beyond our conscious grasp. What guarantees, what necessitates these endless repetitive patterns of nature? Our inability to find an answer to this question has long been noted by thinkers and philosophers. It is as if, at the center of these patterns, there is a void, a central void, a nothingness that reveals the absolute contingency of all this.”