Chiranthi Nayani Gunasekara

Born in 1978 in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Mobil 0714176554

Currently – Art Teacher – Horizon College International, Malabe, Sri Lanka.

“As an artist I like to present my piece of art through experiences of my life. When I turn back and look in to my own past I believe that I was born to a background where norms and beliefs played a major role. It has always been obstacles for the decision I take due to the myths and culture around us.I step in to my youth among these obstacles and experiences. Certain expectations in my life were not fulfilled due to the surrounding that I have been brought up. There was conflict in between myth and reality in my mind. That was the reason for my paintings. Later on I realized the fact behind them and overcome them throughout my life.
There were ups and downs in my life. There was a time that I felt I lost everything in my life. In another hand I reached the peaks and achieved crowns as well. Later on I tried to show these circumstances on my canvas.
Mostly I inspired by graphics technique. I like to use symbols in my works to express my ideas, spectators can get their own idea through their symbolic world.”