Anodi udes malsirini

According to her perspective an angel can be seen in every human soul. People love to live on this earth as though they are angels. In the modern world they adopt worldly lifestyles and use material things to attain, Heaven on Earth and yet none of it has a spiritual counterpart. In study of humans and angels, the soul, so to speak, that resides within a human body can be considered commonality shared with angelic entities. Whereas a human has a physical from and a spirituality, an angels in considered to be of a pure form. Since a human being has a soul, it is possible from a human to acquire or display angelic attributes made of humanity and purity. On account of the pressures generated up thoughts, the spirit of soul that is hidden within the physical human from the angelic within a human is oppressed and tested. The oppression produced by thoughts on account of humanity is in constant struggle between the purity of the mind and human frailty. The sufferance of the spirit resident in the human body is what she strives to depict.